Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh dear....has it been that long...!

I have been nagged by my "2 Michelle's" that I have to start blogging properly!! (So 1 per year is not cool??!).
OK - so this year, Michelle U suggested we get together once a month to stitch (or look at patterns, eat, and ooh and aah over each others treasures!). So my Mum, Nancy, another friend, Jackie and the other Michelle are now trying to meet up each month.
Last month the Michelle's and I went on an op-shop-hop! Such fun!
We started in Stratford, then moved onto Inglewood, then Waitara (what a treasure trove we found there!), off to Michelle S's Mum's for yummy lunch, then into New Plymouth.
What a day!
I think I'm leaning to vintage and retro at the moment - hence some of my collectables from the hop!
To make our stash easier to sort I organised these 3 big bins with our names on! Cute huh? (The little doll is Michelle S's niece!).